Workout Lingo

What do all of these things mean?!

  • 30-60-90, performed on a treadmill or track. 30 seconds of running, 30 seconds of rest- 60 sec run, 30 sec rest, 90 sec run, rest.
  • Burpee- Oh, the burpee. Do this as you read and you will have it!  Put both hands on the ground.  Jump your feet out into plank position.  Drop your entire body to the ground.  CHEST to ground :).  Now push up, jump feet in, and jump up.  All of that =1 rep.
  • Caterpillar: (do this as you read and you will have it- also under Lingo for later use) legs straight put hands on ground. walk hands out to plank without bending knees- or try not to bend knees.  once in plank do push up, walk hands back to feet- legs still straight, stand up. Repeat!
  • Cross-over crunch- one leg is crossed over the other, opposite elbow behind head, crunch toward kne
  • Dead bug- on a bosu, lay with lower back on center dot.  Knees up in 90 degrees, hands and shoulders up in line with stomach- if not above!  You can hold or pulse.
  • Deep squat- a squat that is done to 90 degrees or lower. Lower done only with no history of knee problems.
  • Hip Dip- in side plank (your choice of elbow or hand unless otherwise specified), drop hip several inches down toward ground and then back up.  Not intended to be done quickly, and one “dip” equals one repetition!
  • Jump rope “double under”- the jump rope would go under your feet twice in one jump rather than the traditional one time per jump
  • KB- Kettlebell
  • Knees to Elbows: Performed hanging from a pull up bar, hand position is up to you. Lift knees to elbows slowly without swinging and return to full hang.

Manmaker- with a weight in each hand put weights on ground, jump feet back, do a back row with one arm, push up, back row with other arm, push up, jump feet in and press weights up as you jump up. That’s ONE!

  • MB- Medicine Ball
  • Perfect Push Up- Chest touches ground without hips dropping (do on knees if needed)
  • Pike- Can be done single or double leg- Laying flat on floor bring body to a “V” reaching towards toes and back down
  • Pull-up- female- under hand and close grip, male under or over hand and wider grip.  Pull body weight (or assisted w/wt machine) where chin is over bar.  Release back down to straight arms.
  • Standing Side AB bend- Hold weight in right arm, left hand on hip, and let weight fall towards right knee as you bend to weighted side. Body should stay in line (i.e. you should be bending sideways, not forward or back) and you should feel the left side working. Same for other side!
  • Swing- can be done with a KB or weight, start in squat position with weight between legs- as you rise from squat swing weight up (can be done all the way up overhead- stop before it gets straight up)
  • Tabata- 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of- of any particular exercise, for 4 minutes.
  • Wood chop- begin with weight/MB/KB in hands. Reach over right knee and with straight arms cross weight over body so it ends over left shoulder- take it back to start.  Perform on both sides.

Have a question about an abbreviation or something you see on a workout? Leave a comment here!


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