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I don’t know about you but the holidays don’t make me want to sit still.

The gym is SO crowded, which isn’t super fun, BUT for a fitness lover like me it’s sort of exciting! It’s a time where maybe I can convert a few more people into lovers like me!!

I was in the mood for some serious toning so I grabbed a set of 20lb weights (heavy for me!) and got to work! Had to do a little 12 days of Christmas style countdown:)

2 mile warm up, increasing speed every .20 miles

12 low squats
11 overhead shoulder press
10 lunges ea side
9 bicep curl
8 dead lift
7 upright row
6 low squats
5 overhead tricep
4 lunges ea side
3 tricep push ups
2 dead lift
1 manmaker




Posted: February 11, 2014 in Box/Bench (Raised Surface), Core, Strength Training, Weights

This little thought I had while driving to the gym tonight turned into a great circuit!

We started with some drills on the basketball court- but for general purposes do a 1 mile warm up on machine of choice.

See workout lingo for description of manmaker!

Set 1

1 manmaker
1 box jump
(Continue with 1 manmaker but increase box jumps 1-5)

Set 2

1 manmaker
5 box jumps
1 bicep curl
(Continue with 1 manmaker, 5 box jumps and increase bicep curls 1-5)

Set 3

1 manmaker
5 box jumps
5 bicep curls
1 weighted lunge jump (1 on ea side = 1)
(Continue with 1 manmaker, 5 box jumps, 5 bicep curls and increase lunge jumps 1-5)

Set 4

1 manmaker
5 box jumps
5 bicep curls
5 weighted lunge jumps
1 weighted tricep dip on bench/box
(Continue with 1 manmaker, 5 box jumps, 5 bicep curls, 5 lunge jump switch and increase tricep dips 1-5)


1 manmaker
5 box jumps
5 bicep curls
5 weighted lunge jumps
5 weighted tricep dips

Increase MANMAKERS each set, 1-5! Everything else stays 5!


It’s true, even from afar I can make a group curse my name in joy of a great workout.

We are traveling the next two weeks and I am sending workouts to my regulars for one of our weekly boot camps. I just have this strange feeling they are saying the NICEST things about me while completing what I send!

Warm up: 1/2 mile jog

3x (do everything down to the 1/2 mile fast and repeat 3x!)

40 squats
20 push ups
10 broad jumps

40 box jumps on bench
20 tricep dips
10 burpees

40 walking lunges (total)
20 double leg pikes
10 side plank hip dips ea side

1/2 mile fast

After 3 rounds:
1/2 mile easy jog


(Picture proof sent to me that they did the workout this morning:)


*”Iron Mamas” workouts are for personal use.

*If you are a certified trainer/instructor looking to use “Iron Mamas” workouts for your clients, please contact me!

I have lots of really great ideas and this workout from Monday night was definitely not one of them:)

You see- I can’t make my mind up because I am stillllll sore. So I secretly loved it.

You have to be honest with your weight selection on this workout because if you go too light, you won’t get the full and wonderful effect.

Go two sizes up with your single weight. So if you normally choose 15s- skip over 17.5 and go to a 20. I used a 20. Most women used a 15 or 20, men used anywhere from 25-35.


Warm up .25 mile easy
10 reps of each 2x through
**Snatches each side (unsure? Google kettlebell snatch for videos- essentially its a momentum driven single arm clean and press)
**single arm plank row each side
**single arm bicep curl
**deep squat
** ‘KB’ swing (kettlebell swing with regular weight)

Main set:
All of the above but 8 reps
.25 sprint

8 overhead tricep extensions
20 walking lunges

Cool down: .25 run


Sandy Strength

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Strength Training

After being stuck inside, with last night and this mornings classes canceled at our gym- I am SO ready to get there to teach tonight!

Before I coach weekly Run Club (where I, inevitably, will just walk:), I plan to do a modified version of  this 30 minute strength work out to burn some of this antsy energy from sitting around for two days!  All you need is free weights.

Warm up: Plank hold 2 minutes

18-15-12-9-6-3 (reps) Add an extra set of 18 to the end if you have time!

  • squat to bicep curl
  • overhead shoulder press
  • push ups
  • weighted lunges (each side, stationary)
  • overhead tricep extensions


one-step-up weights

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Strength Training

This is a strength only work out! After warm up- just weights.  Go with a set up from what you would normally grab in free weights- so if 10s, grab 12s, if 15s grab 17.5 or 20, etc!  Biceps, triceps and shoulders are the focus if that helps direct you to the correct set of weights.

Warm up: 10 minutes choice cardio


  • 10 overhead press
  • 10 deep squats (weights on shoulders)
  • 10 upright rows
  • 10/10 stationary lunges
  • 10 bicep curls
  • 10 toes out squats (wider stance, toes out)
  • 10 overhead tricep extensions



Jog .25 warm up

300 (6 exercises, 50 each)
*Thrusters (squat to overhead press)
*Russian twist- heavy, 1=1
*Push ups (chest to ground break into sets of 10 and use knees when needed)
*Box jumps
*Plank back rows 1=1
*Chest fly

240 (6 exercises 40 each)

180 (5 exercises 30 each)

120 (6 exercises 20 each)

60 (6 exercises 10 each)

Add a .25 run between each set of 6 exercises if you want more cardio- otherwise use it as a mostly strength work out!