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Warm up: 3 minute plank hold (elbows or hands are fine, or you can alternate! breaks as needed and come right back)


  • 100 jump rope (double foot)
  • 10 perfect push ups


  • 100 mountain climbers (each leg counts)
  • 20 lunge jumps (each leg counts)


  • 100 high knees (similar to jogging in place but high knees, each leg counts)
  • 20 deep squats


  • 100 jump rope (double foot)
  • 10 burpees


See Whole Fresh Food for Fall Nutrition Special!



New Years Nutrition Special!

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Nutrition

Every year I offer a special in January and this year it combines both holistic nutrition and exercise!

Here are the basics;


  • Jan 7-Jan 26


  • All done through email, you will submit a health history (even past clients will resubmit), questions about your current habits and diet, and begin sending daily food journals.
  • You will receive feedback on your daily journals (within 24-48 hours) learning how to balance your day in nutrients, places where you may need more food, and warnings of what you may feel based on certain choices in days to come.
  • You will also receive feedback on your history and questionnaire, plus a recommend exercise routine based on individual goals.


  • This is essentially a detox!
  • Some of the items you will cut out cause inflammation and can add toxins to your system, but I do believe its unrealistic to eat this way forever. 21 days is enough to feel better and be a challenge! With that said, its helpful to know what items should be minimized in order to live a healthier and more energetic life. 21 days is a jump start.
  • Once the 21 day challenge is over, these items can be introduced back in slowly, following a ’75% good 25% bad’ rule, when you need to have some cheats. If you have some 100% days- awesome! Just try to stick to the 75/25 rule on most days- including weekends.
  • Please note, 21 days is not a long period of time for change. It’s a good amount of time for a challenge- but in terms of real change and weight loss the average person will need 3-6 months of the 75/25 days. You will FEEL GREAT immediately! And, some of you will lose for sure. Everyone is different.
  • The challenge also includes daily exercise. Every day for 21 days. You will have two optional, non consecutive off days a week (at LEAST one) where walking is all I would want you to do. The other days will consist of weight training, interval training, and cardio. I will give you a basic outline based on the individual but you will be responsible for the actual work outs.

How much?

  • $150 for one individual, ($125 for past clients)
  • If you and a spouse want to do it together, cost is $250 ($225 for past clients)
  • Cost per day is $7 or less- cut the Starbucks and you are good to go!! Your health is worth much more than this- but in all sincerity I am here as a resource and to help others, payment is just a technicality as a professional:)

Most important question….WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

  • Email me at
  • Space is limited.
  • (Once you sign up and check is received, you will get details. Sooner the better so you can shop and mentally prepare!)

Last day to sign up…

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Nutrition

For Back to Whole Food! Starts tomorrow! Jump start back to school season with real food.

**a few folks are on vacation and needed a later start date, this is fine! (although you should be eating somewhat healthy when traveling:)!

Most of you know I offer 3 nutrition specials a year: New Years, Spring and Fall!  This year instead of “back to school”….I figure everyone needs…..”back to whole food!”  It’s okay- you are human- your routine is different in the summer and unfortunately that is not always a good thing for your health.

Nutrition plays a HUGE role in your health and physical fitness, some experts say it is up to 60% of the way you look and feel.  I would argue its more around 75%! I tell my clients: food gives you what you have got to work with…exercise shapes it!


  • 30 days (Monday August 13-September 13)- daily food journals with daily feedback
  • learn clean eating basics and how to maintain for a lifetime
  • accountability to stick to balanced, clean eating
  • Get back on track…holidays will be here before we know it and its a slippery slope!
  • $150- $10 off for past clients
  • Email space is limited:)

Hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of summer!!


See this link for my Spring Nutrition Special….Two Week Detox!

Work out:

Warm up:

  • Front plank on hands and toes, 1 min
  • Side plank each side on hand, 1 min each
  • Repeat 45 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec….want advanced? Try not to touch down!


  • 100 jumping jacks or jump rope
  • 50 squats
  • 100 mountain climbers (1=1)
  • 50 push ups
  • 100 high knees (1=1)
  • 50 full sit ups

Repeat, but take 50 reps to 40, 30, 20, 10.

Time if you would like:)


Iron Mamas gone Clean Eating!

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Announcement, Nutrition

I have been dying to share my passion of clean, natural eating and cooking with all of you for quite some time.  I am over halfway done with the year-long holistic nutrition program I am in…and have so much to share.

Eating clean is a lifestyle of making healthy choices that are close to the source.  (i.e., if you are eating an apple, it should have been picked off of a tree).  I preach 75% clean and 25% realistic, so if you feel like having that Reese’s (like I did earlier today, oops) you have it, and the rest of your day is awesome!  It’s all about “balance”.


The new site requires a separate subscription, so if you aren’t interested you don’t have to receive each email.  If you are, sign up!

You can also access the site from this one, by clicking on “Clean Eating/Contact”.  My contact information is also available if you are interested in any of my nutrition programs.

Thanks for your support and for helping Iron Mamas grow :)

Healthy Highways

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Nutrition

I guess I forgot there is absolutely nowhere to stop and get something even remotely healthy to eat while traveling on the road. Make sure as you plan your travels through the spring and summer you think ahead!  Here are my “rules” when traveling.

  • Try to work out and more importantly, stretch on travel days (loosen up, burn some energy)
  • Hydrate the night before and during your travels, even if it means extra stops along the way
  • If you will be on the road for meals, pack them
  • Pack healthy snacks, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. to munch on when everyone gets bored
  • If its sold at a gas station or attached to a gas station, DON’T EAT IT
  • Try, try, try, NOT to eat fast food! (boy, I wish I had the power to create “healthy pit stops” along all of our highways…we have so much fast food in this country, i.e. every mile on every major highway)

Enjoy your spring breaks, weekend weddings and vacations over the next few months- but don’t let them ruin all of your hard work along the way!