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Holiday Survivor Challenge!

For those of you who do not know- I just had our second baby and haven’t been posting as frequently!

Each year I do this holiday challenge to keep folks moving and motivated through the hardest months of the year. It started October 31 but it’s not too late! All categories required but if you have an injury, let me know and I can give you a modification.

It’s free!

Will be back up and posting soon:) in the meantime, holiday challenge awaits!



I’ve had this one in my mind forever to post and haven’t gotten around to it! Here we go….

Can be done inside or outside; I prefer outdoors or with outdoor access for the sprint- it’s just easier! Either that or leave your treadmill running and stay close by!

.25 jog warm up

Do the following exercises 60 seconds strength, 60 seconds sprint, 45/45, 30/30. Finish 60-45-30 before moving on to next strength exercise! 30-60 seconds rest between sets but no rest during!

1. Push ups
2. Low squat to tuck jump
3. Burpees
4. Lunge jumps
5. Tricep push ups
6. Deck Squats (roll back into full sit up, roll forward and stand up, jump)
7. Bicycle Crunches

Cool down .25 jog


Snow Day!

Posted: January 21, 2014 in No Equipment Needed

It’s snowing buckets in Virginia and I know others may need this in home no equipment workout at some point! Just around thirty minutes!

5 minutes (30 sec each alternating, 5x!)

Set 1
Plank walk hands (walk hands from elbow plank to hand plank)
Mountain climbers

Set 2
Push ups
Squat jumps

Set 3
Squat thrust (burpee without push up)
Alternating backward lunges

Set 4
Full sit up

Set 5
Plank jacks (plank on hands jump feet out and in)
Tuck jumps (standing, draw both knees up as close to chest as possible)

Set 6
Bicycle crunches
Pulse crunches with legs straight feet toward ceiling

Take 30 seconds rest between each 5 minute set.



Posted: September 15, 2013 in No Equipment Needed, Treadmill/Running

Quick and effective high heart rate workout! You can sub in any two exercises, some ideas below.

1 mile run (preferably at a higher heart rate than a jog- so fast!)

2 squats- 20 burpees

4 -18

6- 16

8- 14

10- 12

12- 10

14- 8

16- 6

18- 4

20- 2

1 mile run fast


Kettlebell swings and burpees
Thrusters and burpees
Box jumps and burpees
Full sit up and burpees

Possibilities are endless:)

It’s true, even from afar I can make a group curse my name in joy of a great workout.

We are traveling the next two weeks and I am sending workouts to my regulars for one of our weekly boot camps. I just have this strange feeling they are saying the NICEST things about me while completing what I send!

Warm up: 1/2 mile jog

3x (do everything down to the 1/2 mile fast and repeat 3x!)

40 squats
20 push ups
10 broad jumps

40 box jumps on bench
20 tricep dips
10 burpees

40 walking lunges (total)
20 double leg pikes
10 side plank hip dips ea side

1/2 mile fast

After 3 rounds:
1/2 mile easy jog


(Picture proof sent to me that they did the workout this morning:)


*”Iron Mamas” workouts are for personal use.

*If you are a certified trainer/instructor looking to use “Iron Mamas” workouts for your clients, please contact me!

As my group tonight sweats it out….the rest of Brambleton is drinking and listening to DMB cover band! (That’s okay- we train now and party later!!:)

Here is what we did- it was rockin!

*.50 mile warm up easy jog

*7 rounds for time (14 minute cap)

35 squats
25 full sit ups
15 push ups

Time to beat: Chris Jones 12:24

**5 rounds for time (8 minute cap)

20 broad jumps
10 burpees

Time to beat: Rachel Desch 6:04

**3 rounds (5 minute intervals/cap)

.50 mile fast (whatever time is left rest- if no time keep going!)

Time to beat: Phil Desch 3:09
(This loop is a slight bit over a half mile, so times may vary)

**FINALE? Everything one more time!

35 squats
25 full sit ups
15 push ups
20 broad jumps
10 burpees
.50 mile half fast half easy



*”Iron Mamas” workouts are for personal use.

*If you are a certified trainer/instructor looking to use “Iron Mamas” workouts for your clients, please contact me!

Warm up: 3 minute plank hold (elbows or hands are fine, or you can alternate! breaks as needed and come right back)


  • 100 jump rope (double foot)
  • 10 perfect push ups


  • 100 mountain climbers (each leg counts)
  • 20 lunge jumps (each leg counts)


  • 100 high knees (similar to jogging in place but high knees, each leg counts)
  • 20 deep squats


  • 100 jump rope (double foot)
  • 10 burpees


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