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Just a little workout to brighten your week! To be done indoors – perfect for a too hot or rainy day.

1 mile run

40 24kg kb snatches (20 each arm)

10 burpee pull ups
250m row

10 burpee box jumps
250m ski erg (this is a standing rower- most gyms have them! If not, do regular rower)

40 heavy (36kg) kb swings

1 mile run




Posted: November 26, 2013 in Kettlebell, Treadmill/Running

I owe everyone a work out for posting a recipe to the work out blog:) Oops! You can find my recipes at, blame the mishap on mommy brain! Luke turns 1 tomorrow, so let’s make his 12 months the theme!

Warm up .50 miles

Reps go 1-12 (1 of each, 2 of each up to 12)

  • KB swing (double arm, try to go heavy since low reps)
  • push up
  • KB squat to upright row (squat with KB hanging and pull into upright row as you stand up)
  • burpee
  • KB squat

.50 mile run





Modified version of what my group last night did in the near PERFECT weather we have had this week! From 110 heat index to cold mornings and evenings…I will take it!

The .50 run is to be done once after completing each strength set 3x. Don’t run a half mile after every set. That’s too much even for me:)

They used the tire so your squat set replaces that. Wish you all had personal 150lb tires…

.50 run warm up

20/20 knees up on bench
20 tricep dips
.50 run FAST (just once at completion of 3 sets strength)

20/20 single arm kettlebell or weight swings
20 walking lunges
.50 run FAST

20/20 single arm kettlebell or weight snatch
20 forward jumps (or squat jump in place)
.50 run FAST

20 heavy squat with weights on shoulders
20 air squats (down low pop up as if air shot you into standing position)

.50 easy or… another FAST:)


Just trying to get back…!

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Kettlebell, Weights

Ohhh man its harder than I thought getting back post baby! One would think that doing burpees, weights, etc all the way up to the day I delivered counts for something but nooooo:)

(side note, I also thought I would just jump right back in and be as fast and strong as I was BEFORE I was even pregnant, so maybe my expectations are a little off:)

Did this circuit just a few days ago!

1 mile run warm up

10 heavy KB squats
10 heavy KB squat to upright row
10 heavy KB swing
(All holding KB with both hands. YouTube has videos with form if you are unsure!)
20 tricep extensions (heavy, with rope on weight machine)

10 reverse pull ups (hanging beneath rings or bar)
10/10 side ab holding KB in hand you are leaning toward
10/10 single arm KB bicep curl
10/10 single leg hamstring dead lift, holding KB

(The kettlebell for the second set should be lighter than the first. I used 30 for the first set, 18 for the second)

400m Row, fast as you can
5 perfect push ups
20 side plank hip dips (one side)
5 perfect push ups
20 side plank hip dips (other side)


I took a class here in Charlotte on Sunday (Morrison Y, Elizabeth) and loved her format. I am modifying the exercises she did but stealing her format:)

Example for weight choices; If you normally do 12s/15s for high rep exercises (classes) you should do 20 for heavy in this work out.

Warm up .50 easy jog

**Set #1
20 thrusters with mid weight (squat to shoulder press)
20 box jumps

.25 sprint (after all three sets of 20/20)
10 thrusters heavy as you can
10 box jumps

**Set #2
20 bicep curls mid weight
20 overhead tricep mid weight

.25 sprint
10 bicep curls heavy
10 overhead triceps heavy

**Set #3
20 squats (weights rest on shoulders, mid weight)
20 perfect push ups (chest to ground however you can!)

.25 sprint
10 squats heavy
10 perfect push ups

**Set #4
20 KB swing mid weight
20 Upright rows mid

.25 sprint
10 KB swing heavy
10 upright rows heavy

Warm down .50 easy jog



Posted: July 18, 2012 in Kettlebell, Weights

Yes, that is me, MIA.  I am a little over 20 weeks preggers and exhausted:)  Still exercising but not quite at the same level you will see me post on here!

Here is a circuit work out that my husband and I did last week (I modified:)


Run 1.5 miles warm up


  • 10 KB swings
  • 10 weighted burpees
  • .25 sprint


  • 5 pull ups
  • 10/10 dumbbell or KB snatches
  • 15 high box jumps

ENJOY- and use good-sized weight so its TOUGH!


Posted: September 28, 2011 in Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Weights

I always get so excited when my husband, Aaron asks me to write a work out.  For those of you who don’t know, fitness is also very important to him. He works in the Secret Service, and this particular work out was written for 7 guys on his team, Alpha.  I always feel super important when “secret service guys” think my work out is tough :)

*first text is the work out they did, parenthesis is modification!

  • Warm up of choice, at least 5 min
  • 3x through work out, all stations go until person running .25 is finished

(if doing alone, assume anywhere between 1:30-2:30 per station, do the .25 first and time yourself!)

  • 1. Tire flip with burpee (forward jump with burpee, or just burpee)
  • 2. Kettlebell snatch (KB swing, dumbbell swing, dumbbell snatch)
  • 3. Pull ups 5-4-3-2-1 repeat (assisted pull ups)
  • 4. Wall ball or Slam ball (if no wall, squat and throw ball in air, catch and repeat)
  • 5. Dumbbell double row, stand up and press
  • 6. Sled push (double knees in on gliders, weighted pike on back)
  • 7. .25 run, switch when runner is done!