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Check out Iron Mama, Dee Dee’s son- who said the paper plate gliders weren’t for kids too?!  Very nice pike!

If you have pictures always share:)

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I wanted to share some great websites!  Both are nutrition sources that follow “clean eating” principles. I.e. consuming foods as close as possible to their natural state.

  • The first, The Whole Tulip, was started by a great friend and client of mine, Adri Warrick.  Adri and her sister post awesome recipes that are easy and include a variety of ingredients!
  • Adri does not know this, but she is my first highlighted “Iron Mama”! An Iron Mama (Or Iron Man!) is someone who tried their best to have super healthy habits and continues to educate themselves to stay healthy!  Adri recently began studying to become a health counselor and is launching her own “super food” Popsicle business!  She is doing all of this while raising two children and training for a half marathon :)  See blog below picture of Adri and family with the pops :)

The Whole Tulip

  • Second, the developer of the idea “Clean Eating” has started a magazine, and they also have a site with recipes and information.  The magazine is a great one to subscribe to!

Clean Eating Magazine

**Both of these sites are always under the “Nutrition” section of the Iron-Mama’s site!

I will be highlighting an “Iron Man” next….any nominations?!  Whether you are an Iron Mama or Iron Man…I want to know what you are up to.  Send me an email, message, etc and toot your own horn! What are you doing to be the healthiest you can be?

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