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I’ve had this one in my mind forever to post and haven’t gotten around to it! Here we go….

Can be done inside or outside; I prefer outdoors or with outdoor access for the sprint- it’s just easier! Either that or leave your treadmill running and stay close by!

.25 jog warm up

Do the following exercises 60 seconds strength, 60 seconds sprint, 45/45, 30/30. Finish 60-45-30 before moving on to next strength exercise! 30-60 seconds rest between sets but no rest during!

1. Push ups
2. Low squat to tuck jump
3. Burpees
4. Lunge jumps
5. Tricep push ups
6. Deck Squats (roll back into full sit up, roll forward and stand up, jump)
7. Bicycle Crunches

Cool down .25 jog