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Snow Day!

Posted: January 21, 2014 in No Equipment Needed

It’s snowing buckets in Virginia and I know others may need this in home no equipment workout at some point! Just around thirty minutes!

5 minutes (30 sec each alternating, 5x!)

Set 1
Plank walk hands (walk hands from elbow plank to hand plank)
Mountain climbers

Set 2
Push ups
Squat jumps

Set 3
Squat thrust (burpee without push up)
Alternating backward lunges

Set 4
Full sit up

Set 5
Plank jacks (plank on hands jump feet out and in)
Tuck jumps (standing, draw both knees up as close to chest as possible)

Set 6
Bicycle crunches
Pulse crunches with legs straight feet toward ceiling

Take 30 seconds rest between each 5 minute set.




Posted: January 2, 2014 in Announcement

Thank you for following this blog in 2013!

I had over 10,000 views this year thanks to you.

Hope you will continue to use in 2014!

2014 themed workout inspired by a class I took with Elizabeth at the Morrison YMCA in Charlotte. (The part of her workout that inspired mine is at the very bottom!)

*this is designed to be done at the gym, but can easily be modified to be done outside*

Warm up: .50 mile jog

*200 jump rope (double foot)
*20 thrusters (squat to shoulder press)
*14 burpees
*.14 sprint holding single weight
(over 7.5 speed girls, over 8.0 speed boys)

*200 mountain climbers
*20 lunge to bicep curl (alternating, curl up as you stand up to switch)
*14 box jumps
*14 sprint no weight

*2:00 minute elbow plank hold
*20 overhead heavy tricep extension
*14 burpee box jumps (burpee on the floor, jump up)
*.14 sprint holding single weight


(Here is what inspired the above):

200 jump rope
Sprint holding single weight (.20 or so)
20 reverse lunge to shoulder press
14 burpee box jumps (burpee on the floor, jump up)
200 jump rope

Happy 2014!