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October Challenge: A Little Early!

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Challenge

I want you to have time to think about this one!! I’ve done the same October challenge for the last 2 years, this being year 3.

I’ve had 100 sign ups each year- but this year opening it up to everyone I know! Hoping to blow 100 out of the water:)

It’s FREE, you just have to walk jog or run 100 miles in 31 days. I will email you weekly for tips and encouragement.

Who’s in? Comment here!

*”Iron Mamas” workouts are for personal use.

*If you are a certified trainer/instructor looking to use “Iron Mamas” workouts for your clients, please contact me!



Posted: September 15, 2013 in No Equipment Needed, Treadmill/Running

Quick and effective high heart rate workout! You can sub in any two exercises, some ideas below.

1 mile run (preferably at a higher heart rate than a jog- so fast!)

2 squats- 20 burpees

4 -18

6- 16

8- 14

10- 12

12- 10

14- 8

16- 6

18- 4

20- 2

1 mile run fast


Kettlebell swings and burpees
Thrusters and burpees
Box jumps and burpees
Full sit up and burpees

Possibilities are endless:)

September Challenge

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Challenge

This month: PLANK!

Very do-able…1 minute each day. If you really want a challenge do 2 minutes.

Alternate elbows one day (shoulders over elbows and behind down) and hands the next (shoulders over hands and behind down).

Who’s in??

Manmaker Central

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Treadmill/Running, Weights

Contrary to popular belief I do like a break from ‘coming up’ with the workout from time to time. I tasked Aaron with this job last night, so we can all blame thank him for this super fun workout.

Pick a set of challenging weights, it’s a faster workout but if you have the right set of weights and you run fast…total body and tough!

7 is a full manmaker with one side lunge to each side holding the weights. 8 you add a squat. 9 you add a front lunge on each side and 10 you add a bicep curl.

Manmaker: weights in hand, put them down and jump feet out to plank, row one side back, push up, row other side back, push up, stand up and press weights overhead while you jump. That’s one:)

Warm up .50 mile run

7 manmakers with side lunges
50 mtn climbers
.25 sprint

8 manmakers with side lunges and a squat
50 mtn climbers
.25 sprint

9 manmakers with side lunges, a squat and forward lunges
50 mtn climbers
.25 sprint

10 manmakers with side lunges, a squat, forward lunges and a bicep curl
50 mtn climbers
.25 sprint

Recover and stretch


We made it to Isle of Palms, SC yesterday and I don’t think we will have a hard time being here the next week+…

Any-who, a Charlotte client contacted me that they would be here this weekend- so WHAT else would we possibly do besides a Kelly workout? Jeff, Julie and their son (who has grown at least 2 feet since I saw him 3 years ago) joined us! All of our beach neighbors were super pumped to hear my voice barking orders this am.

(They got to see Luke also, added bonus:)

Warm up: 1 mile jog (we did this on the beach!)

(20 then run, 15 run etc)
Med ball squat thrust
Med ball Russian twist (2=1)
Broad jumps
.15 run

(20 then run, 15 run etc)
Bicep curls
Tricep extensions overhead
Walking lunges (1=1)
.15 run

Alternating with partner, 20-15-10-5 PERFECT push ups:)