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No equipment! This morning I had 26 boot campers when I normally cap at 15- so I chose to do a tough body weight workout.

.50 jog easy

For highest reps possible in one minute (thanks Jen Turner for the idea:)

**Burpees (all the way to the ground)
**Box jumps (at least 24 inches)
**Push ups (chest to ground and knees are fine)
**Plyo jacks (jump feet out in air and hit down in middle, rather than feet hitting out AND in)
**.50 sprint for time

(Post your highest numbers & time here!)

4x through

30 walking lunges
Run back to start
Side shuffle down and back distance of 30 lunges

Take your numbers from above and split them in half- those are the reps you have to do at the end of each ‘lunge set’! Four rounds through!

After four sets, jog an easy .50.




Modified version of what my group last night did in the near PERFECT weather we have had this week! From 110 heat index to cold mornings and evenings…I will take it!

The .50 run is to be done once after completing each strength set 3x. Don’t run a half mile after every set. That’s too much even for me:)

They used the tire so your squat set replaces that. Wish you all had personal 150lb tires…

.50 run warm up

20/20 knees up on bench
20 tricep dips
.50 run FAST (just once at completion of 3 sets strength)

20/20 single arm kettlebell or weight swings
20 walking lunges
.50 run FAST

20/20 single arm kettlebell or weight snatch
20 forward jumps (or squat jump in place)
.50 run FAST

20 heavy squat with weights on shoulders
20 air squats (down low pop up as if air shot you into standing position)

.50 easy or… another FAST:)


Ten minute easy cardio warm up and GO! You can do the sets in any order but must do all 5 sets before moving on! Enjoy!

10 slam ball squat thrust
10 overhead throw of slam ball
15 forward jumps
(If you don’t have a slam ball do with med ball–med ball squat thrust and throw med ball over head into open space – meant for outdoors)

10/10 single arm weight or KB swings
10/10 lunge jump (stationary each side)
5 push up then alternate each knee in

10/10 knees up
20 tricep dips
10 box jumps

10/10 squat to shoulder press single arm
10/10 lunge to bicep curl single arm, each side
5 burpees

July Challenge

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Challenge

Challenge this month is fairly simple but it requires daily attention!

On July 1 (today- can make up tomorrow since I’m late:) you do 1 push up, 1 squat, 1 sit up, 1 burpee. On July 2 you do 2 of each, and so on.

Push up
Sit up

Who’s in for challenging themselves a little beyond their normal workout?