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I have lots of really great ideas and this workout from Monday night was definitely not one of them:)

You see- I can’t make my mind up because I am stillllll sore. So I secretly loved it.

You have to be honest with your weight selection on this workout because if you go too light, you won’t get the full and wonderful effect.

Go two sizes up with your single weight. So if you normally choose 15s- skip over 17.5 and go to a 20. I used a 20. Most women used a 15 or 20, men used anywhere from 25-35.


Warm up .25 mile easy
10 reps of each 2x through
**Snatches each side (unsure? Google kettlebell snatch for videos- essentially its a momentum driven single arm clean and press)
**single arm plank row each side
**single arm bicep curl
**deep squat
** ‘KB’ swing (kettlebell swing with regular weight)

Main set:
All of the above but 8 reps
.25 sprint

8 overhead tricep extensions
20 walking lunges

Cool down: .25 run



May Challenge

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Challenge

Congrats to all who made it to 60 miles in April. Once you commit to a challenge, feel free to come back to the post and let me know you made it!!

May: 250 pull ups :)

They can be assisted- but from the get go need to be difficult to complete 10. If you can do more than 3 unassisted do all 250 that way!

If assisted, start difficult, and every 50 pull ups reduce the assistance by at least 10 lbs.

Who’s in?

(Ps. You can grip any way you like. You can also have a person assist you- which is also ideal if unable to do unassisted!)