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New Years Nutrition Special!

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Nutrition

Every year I offer a special in January and this year it combines both holistic nutrition and exercise!

Here are the basics;


  • Jan 7-Jan 26


  • All done through email, you will submit a health history (even past clients will resubmit), questions about your current habits and diet, and begin sending daily food journals.
  • You will receive feedback on your daily journals (within 24-48 hours) learning how to balance your day in nutrients, places where you may need more food, and warnings of what you may feel based on certain choices in days to come.
  • You will also receive feedback on your history and questionnaire, plus a recommend exercise routine based on individual goals.


  • This is essentially a detox!
  • Some of the items you will cut out cause inflammation and can add toxins to your system, but I do believe its unrealistic to eat this way forever. 21 days is enough to feel better and be a challenge! With that said, its helpful to know what items should be minimized in order to live a healthier and more energetic life. 21 days is a jump start.
  • Once the 21 day challenge is over, these items can be introduced back in slowly, following a ’75% good 25% bad’ rule, when you need to have some cheats. If you have some 100% days- awesome! Just try to stick to the 75/25 rule on most days- including weekends.
  • Please note, 21 days is not a long period of time for change. It’s a good amount of time for a challenge- but in terms of real change and weight loss the average person will need 3-6 months of the 75/25 days. You will FEEL GREAT immediately! And, some of you will lose for sure. Everyone is different.
  • The challenge also includes daily exercise. Every day for 21 days. You will have two optional, non consecutive off days a week (at LEAST one) where walking is all I would want you to do. The other days will consist of weight training, interval training, and cardio. I will give you a basic outline based on the individual but you will be responsible for the actual work outs.

How much?

  • $150 for one individual, ($125 for past clients)
  • If you and a spouse want to do it together, cost is $250 ($225 for past clients)
  • Cost per day is $7 or less- cut the Starbucks and you are good to go!! Your health is worth much more than this- but in all sincerity I am here as a resource and to help others, payment is just a technicality as a professional:)

Most important question….WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

  • Email me at
  • Space is limited.
  • (Once you sign up and check is received, you will get details. Sooner the better so you can shop and mentally prepare!)