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Jog .25 warm up

300 (6 exercises, 50 each)
*Thrusters (squat to overhead press)
*Russian twist- heavy, 1=1
*Push ups (chest to ground break into sets of 10 and use knees when needed)
*Box jumps
*Plank back rows 1=1
*Chest fly

240 (6 exercises 40 each)

180 (5 exercises 30 each)

120 (6 exercises 20 each)

60 (6 exercises 10 each)

Add a .25 run between each set of 6 exercises if you want more cardio- otherwise use it as a mostly strength work out!



I took a class here in Charlotte on Sunday (Morrison Y, Elizabeth) and loved her format. I am modifying the exercises she did but stealing her format:)

Example for weight choices; If you normally do 12s/15s for high rep exercises (classes) you should do 20 for heavy in this work out.

Warm up .50 easy jog

**Set #1
20 thrusters with mid weight (squat to shoulder press)
20 box jumps

.25 sprint (after all three sets of 20/20)
10 thrusters heavy as you can
10 box jumps

**Set #2
20 bicep curls mid weight
20 overhead tricep mid weight

.25 sprint
10 bicep curls heavy
10 overhead triceps heavy

**Set #3
20 squats (weights rest on shoulders, mid weight)
20 perfect push ups (chest to ground however you can!)

.25 sprint
10 squats heavy
10 perfect push ups

**Set #4
20 KB swing mid weight
20 Upright rows mid

.25 sprint
10 KB swing heavy
10 upright rows heavy

Warm down .50 easy jog


Last day to sign up…

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Nutrition

For Back to Whole Food! Starts tomorrow! Jump start back to school season with real food.

**a few folks are on vacation and needed a later start date, this is fine! (although you should be eating somewhat healthy when traveling:)!

Fun With Numbers

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Jump Rope, Strength Training, Weights

99 double foot jump rope
99 crunches
9 heavy dead lift squats (girls 45+ guys 65+)
9 perfect push ups
9 burpees

Continue but do 88,77,66,55,34,33,22 & 11:) squats push ups and burpees should always be single digits!

Done and want more? Sprint a mile!


Tabata & Arms

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Weights

Warm up; .50 mile jog

Tabata; 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest

Goal- match reps from first set in all sets!

Round 1: 5 sets each (1 set =20sec on 10 rest)
Push ups
Bent leg dead lift squats w/weight
(squats w arms hanging, try to get weights to floor)

Round 2: 3 sets of the above trying to match number from first 20 sec set

Round 3: 1 set trying to beat number from above!

.50 mile jog

10-6 reps (10 of each 9 of each down to 6)

Shoulder press
Upright row
Bicep curl
Overhead tricep
Back fly