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“We Have Guests” Workout :)

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Kettlebell

This weekend, we were so lucky to have Carrie and Andrew stop through 2 times; going to, and coming from, a wedding in New Jersey.

They were able to come to my running club on Thursday morning before they hit the road, and then we did a great neighborhood circuit workout Sunday morning before they hit the road again.

Love our active friendship!  (Did I mention Saturday night we had gelato?!)

Warm up 2 miles easy jog

(you need a good-sized hill, approx. a quarter-mile up and down, to end your warm up)


  • KB swings, each side (don’t have a KB? use 1 heavy weight!)
  • Tire Flip (don’t have a tire? do heavy squats!)
  • Broad Jump & Push Up Combo (see below)
  • Finish by running to top of hill and back down

Repeat, deduct 2 reps each time!

(Broad Jump & Push Up Combo: MOVING UP HILL- on 10 set, do 1 forward jump, 1 push up.  Then 2 & 2, 3&3, up to 10.  On 8 set, go to 8, etc.)

PHEW! Enjoy….



Posted: July 18, 2011 in Treadmill/Running, Weights

Workout inspired by YOU….all 175 of you :) Hooray, reached my summer blogging goal!

7 exercises, 25 of each= 175!


  • 25 plank back rows
  • 25 squat thrusts
  • 25 squat to shoulder press
  • 25 chest fly
  • 25 stationary lunge with a knee up (ea side)
  • 25 full sit ups
  • .25 sprint

Enjoy, and thanks for following!

I did this work out tonight with a great group of ladies from the gym here in Northern VA where I teach. Our heart rates stayed up the entire time!

Great work out for this arm showing weather :)

1 mile run warm up

  • 5 rounds of

30 tricep dips
20 incline push ups (hands on a bench or step)
10 knees up ea side

.50 run

  • repeat 5 more rounds of the above


Makes for…..300 tricep dips, 200 push ups, and 100 knees up ea side.


Happy 4th!

Posted: July 4, 2011 in No Equipment Needed

Most likely you and your family have major plans today to celebrate the holiday, so have fun!

Do your best to make some good choices along with the bad:)

How can your day be more active? Where can you and your family walk? Can you sneak in this 20 minute, no equipment workout before you leave the house or before dinner…..or even after dinner?


1 min jumping jacks
1 min squat jumps
1 min push ups
1 min high knee run, knees to waist
45 sec plank on hands
15 sec rest

Don’t feel like you have to go to the gym to get a good workout. Step out of your routine to fit fitness in to your busier days!

You can do this in a very small space, with very little time, and get a good calorie burn….especially to balance out the extra cocktails from this weekend!

Run & Swim

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Swimming, Treadmill/Running

What better way to enjoy the summer AND get a great cardio workout!  Enjoy the outdoors then hop in the pool.

Unless you are lucky enough to have low humidity…make sure you get up early to run.  Many outdoor pools open their lanes in the morning for swimmers to get laps in before work.

You don’t have to be an olympic swimmer to enjoy the benefits of a full body, low impact work out.  Swimming burns just as many calories if not more than a run, so why not hop in for a few laps after your normal jog?

First, RUN

  • 1 mile easy
  • 4x.25 @ 75% with 15 sec rest between
  • 1 mile easy
  • 4x.25 @ 85% with 15 sec rest between
  • 1 mile easy
  • = 5 miles

Then, Swim

25= 1 lap


  • 4 laps easy freestyle
  • 8x 25s freestyle kick with board (15 sec rest b/w)
  • 8x 25s 3+8 drill (3 strokes, kick on side while breathing for 8 seconds) (15 sec rest b/w)
  • 8x25s freestyle swim (15 sec rest b/w)
  • =700 yards


  • 200 easy freestyle (8 laps)
  • 8x50s freestyle kick (15 sec rest)
  • 8x50s 3+8 drill (15 sec rest)
  • 8x50s freestyle swim, 1st 25 easy, 2nd 25 fast (15 sec rest)
  • =1400 yards


  • 400 easy freestyle
  • 400 kick, 100 fly 100 free 100 breast 100 free
  • 8x50s free swim, get faster 1-4, 2x (15 sec rest)
  • 400 kick, same as above
  • 4x100s free swim, get faster 1-4 (15 sec rest)
  • 200 easy choice
  • =2200 yards