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1 Weight

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Treadmill/Running, Weights

I am all about the no-equipment” or “very little equipment” work outs.  So all you need for this one is….you guessed it…ONE weight!

Make it a heavy one.  So if you normally do 10 lb weights for high repetition exercises, go with 12-15, for example.

Warm up 1 mile easy, choice how you do your mile!


  • 15 ea side dumbbell wood chop (low to high, squat down to right foot, as you lift out of squat take weight to left side overhead)
  • 15 ea side bicep curl (one arm at a time focus on form and let HR drop)
  • 15 dumbbell squats, hold weight like a goblet
  • 15 tricep extension overhead
  • 15 ea side shoulder press (one arm at a time)
  • 15 full sit ups (weight at chest)
  • quarter-mile sprint (RUN!)

Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend!

Make time for exercise, and just do your best at all of the parties :)


I am a huge fan of the “30-60-90” but have not posted a workout that includes it in quite a while :) 

The concept of this workout is to do one specific exercise for 30 seconds, rest, 60 seconds, rest, 90 seconds, rest and switch to another exercise.  In this particular work out, your rest is 15 seconds!

Warm up 10-15 min of choice cardio equipment


30-60-90 of each, second set all of the treadmill runs at 0 incline!

  • burpees
  • treadmill run at 2 incline, full-out sprint
  • knees up right side, then left
  • treadmill run at 3 incline
  • push ups
  • treadmill run at 4 incline
  • box jump or deep squats
  • weighted double leg pikes


Lazy Sunday

Posted: May 15, 2011 in No Equipment Needed

On those days where you know you need SOMETHING…maybe you over-indulged this weekend, did not get in one of your workouts this week, or just feel like you need to get moving…there is a way to get it in.

Don’t always feel like you have to commit to a full hour workout, especially on a day meant for family and fun.

Do a workout from home, you will take out the travel time to the gym and don’t ALWAYS need equipment to burn calories and improve your fitness level!

  • 30 minute neighborhood walk, jog, or combo of the two
  • 30 minute bike ride
  • workout below!

Warm up: (3x) 25 full sit ups, 25 bicycles, 25 leg lifts (hands under glute)


  • 1 min squat thrusts (burpee without push up, unless you are feeling crazy:)
  • 1 min deep squat
  • 1 min push ups
  • 1 min mountain climbers
  • 1 min side plank,(30 sec ea side)
  • 1 min jump rope/jumping jacks

rest and repeat

STRETCH!  30 min and DONE!


Posted: May 10, 2011 in Kettlebell

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A new kettlebell work out! If you or your gym doesn’t have kettlebells, you can also use a heavy single hand weight.

Warm up, 1,500M row or 1 mile run

10-9-8 each

  • KB squats
  • KB swings
  • Burpees


  • single arm KB clean and press (ea side)
  • KB shoulder press
  • lunge w KB in one hand (ea side) –(hold KB in right hand with right foot forward in lunge, switch.)


(do both sets above with these reps)



ENJOY :) and if you have time OR energy, repeat warm up at the end!

5 Burpees

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Band, Weights

5 burpees, just a few times throughout this weights only (or band) workout!

Can be done outside, or inside.  Outside use a field, longer driveway, etc to run, you can also jump rope if you have less space!

Warm up:

3 min plank hold, alternating elbows and hands every 30 seconds


  • 15 bicep curls
  • 5 burpees
  • run down and back about .10-.20 miles


  • 15 shoulder press
  • 5 burpees
  • run down and back


  • 15 tricep extension or dip
  • 5 burpees
  • run down and back


  • 15 deep squats
  • 15 lunges ea side
  • 5 burpees
  • run down and back


Finish up with abs, stretch, whatever you have time for :)