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Posted: February 28, 2011 in Swimming, Treadmill/Running

As the warmer weather approaches (or teases us!) exercisers start to chatter about “triathlons”!   If you have never done one before, what better time than now.  With more sprint and olympic distance tris on the calendar in most major cities- we have no excuse to get out there and “tri” :) Consider signing up this season!

Sprint triathlons are typically 250-750M swim, 10-20M bike, and a 5K run.  Olympic distance is 1M swim, 24M bike and a 10K.  Both distances are do-able for anyone willing to train!  Some of you are already so fit, you could wake up tomorrow and do either.  (You may not do it at your maximum potential, but you could finish!)

So what’s the hold up?

  • Swimming? Hop back in the pool!  Get comfortable swimming on your back, each side, and on your front to feel most prepared.  Look for a local masters program or private instructor for pointers on stroke technique. is a great website for customized workouts!
  • Biking?  OH if you could have seen me on my shiny new bike today (thanks to all of my Charlotte clients!)  Let’s just say I ate some dirt, twice, in the first mile of my 16 mile ride :).  Clipping in to pedals is no joke- but so easy as you get used to it.  Foot cages or hybrid bikes would be fine for the sprint distance events, just a little more work.  Most likely, you have a bike store in your neighborhood.  Check to see if they rent bikes for races- or ask around- you probably have a friend who would let you borrow a road bike.  Its a big investment to buy, but totally worth it!
  • Running?  You all can run. Period.  Use sites like– great training plans and advice for all levels.

Want to get a great “tri” type workout at your gym?  Tri this!  (You don’t always have to train in the order of race day.  You also don’t have to do all three on the same day)

  • 45-1 hour indoor cycle class/outdoor ride if possible
  • 1-3 mile run on treadmill or outdoors
  • 500-1,000M (or yards) swim indoor or outdoor pool (depending on the season)
  • **or any combo of the three!

Looking for a customized triathlon training program this season?  Email me at with questions!


Add On!

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Box/Bench (Raised Surface), Weights

Warm up: 1 mile run

Main Set: Start with #1 & #2, then do #1, 2, 3, then #1, 2, 3, 4, and so on until you get up to 1-10!

  1. 8 knees up with shoulder press ea side
  2. 16 donkey kicks (hands down on bench or surface, both feet kick over together 1=1)
  3. 16 squat thrust w/box jump (hands down, jump out, jump in, jump up on box)
  4. 16 bicep curls
  5. 16 tricep dips
  6. 16 “hand walk” (“up up, down down” w/hands on and off bench in plank position)
  7. 16 weighted double leg pikes
  8. 16 weighted squat jumps (weights go down to toes as you squat, press overhead as you jump)
  9. 16 full sit ups
  10. 16 burpees

Depending on how much rest you take (preferably only before you restart #1), this can be a long work out.  ENJOY!

One of our Iron Men subscribers reminded me of a workout I posted a few months ago called “37 minutes”.  It’s nice to have a go-to workout that can be done quickly- with a great calorie burn and an increase in your fitness level at the same time!  If you want to make this work out longer to fit your time constraints, add a mile to the beginning or end (or both!)

Warm up: 2 minute elbow plank

6 minute circuit (1 min ea exercise), 4x through with 30 sec rest between each set of 6!

  1. double push up burpees (so much more fun than just 1!)
  2. tricep dips
  3. MB double leg pikes
  4. box jumps
  5. MB russian twist (fast, full range of motion floor to floor)
  6. jump rope (double feet or double unders if you know how…!)

**Move as quickly as you can during your minute, fitting in as many reps as you can!  Keep an eye on your heart rate, you should be about 75% throughout which means…you can only spit out a few words at a time- not a sentence or conversation.

…More activity!  Forecasts on the east coast this week are AMAZING.  Take your workout outside- or even add a little jog or walk to your day for extra calorie burn and a big mood boost:)

Here is a track side or neighborhood outdoor workout to get you going!

Warm up: 10 min/1 mile jog


  • 20 tricep push ups
  • 15 double push up burpees
  • 20 lunges (ea side)
  • 15 full sit ups
  • 2 min sprint, walk/jog back (or finish loop)

Cool down: 10 min jog walk combo!




Posted: February 9, 2011 in Exercise Tips, Treadmill/Running

If you are a runner, you know hills are the WORST part of any race.  How to make them better? Practice!  If you practice on hills- flat and smaller inclines seem easy as pie.  Hills should be a part of any runners workout at least 1x per week!

Preferably outdoors- find a hill, jog to it, do 10-15 repeats with 20-30 seconds rest between.

If you must go on a treadmill, do tabata, 20 sec on, 10 sec off at an incline of 8– 4 min then jog between, 4 sets.

**If you are running on a treadmill to avoid cold weather, you should be set at a 1% incline after you warm up, or higher.  This will  be a more accurate simulation of outdoor running!


For a track or treadmill!

  • 1 mile easy jog
  • 2×800’s/.50 mile @ 1/2 marathon pace (65-70% of your max HR)- jog 1 min between each 800
  • 4×400’s/.25 mile @ 10K pace (75-85% max)- jog 1 min between each 400
  • 6×200’s/.125 mile @ 5K pace (95% max)- jog 1 min between
  • 1 mile easy jog



Chest & Back/Quads & Hams

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Strength Training

In your strength training sessions, make sure you are working “opposing muscle groups” .  Here is a great strength only workout for chest, back, quads and hamstrings!

10 min warm up, cardio of choice 60-80% of max


  • 3×10 chest press with bar- add weight each set
  • 3×10 perfect push ups, feet bosu optional
  • 3×10 cable chest flies (cable should be set up at shoulder level, arms almost straight, bring to center simultaneously and back out in line with shoulders)
  • 3×10 perfect push ups, feet on stability ball optional


  • 3×10 pull ups (assisted, less weight each set)
  • 3×10 back row with free weights, increase wt each set
  • 3×10 cable back fl (same as chest fly except face the machine this time)


  • 3×10 bench step ups holding 10-25lb plates in each hand (weight lifting bench or step, just a tap up, ea side 3x)
  • 3×10 single leg squat- no weight
  • 3×10 overhead squat- hold bar overhead with arms straight, lower into squat without dropping chest (this should be tough)
  • 3×10 bench step ups


  • 3×10 bar deadlift (slight bend in knees, flat back, increase wt each set)
  • 3×10 one-legged lift on stability ball (laying on ground, one foot on ball one in the air, lift and lower glute)
  • 3×10 bar deadlift

10 min easy cardio choice


**if you don’t finish a little shaky, you probably did not lift heavy enough… go through it again and take out the last 1o min cardio!! :)