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Are you a “Week-ender”?

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Exercise Tips, Nutrition

Symptoms of a “Week-ender”:

  • may skip a workout Sat/Sun- “I worked hard all week”
  • may indulge in extra alcoholic beverages
  • may eat out multiple times, may even eat out 2-3x in one day
  • doesn’t stay hydrated
  • eats dessert more frequently
  • gives in to “cheating” easily- only on fri/sat/sun

Some numbers…

There are approximately 135 “weekend” days a year, counting friday/saturday/sunday.  If you are to consume an additional 300 calories (only 300!) on those days (a large dessert, 1 meal out, 2 drinks, etc) that is 12 pounds per year!

You may not be the extreme weekender, but if you are any version of this, much of your hard work during the week is being voided on the weekends.  Or look at it this way- the reason you have not gained 12lbs, but maybe 3-5, is because you counteract the gain with your good weekdays.

How can you get on the good side of this?

  • Make sure you are taking off 1-2 NON-consecutive days of exercise per week.  So don’t save your days off for the weekend- especially if those will be your high calorie days
  • Is that extra drink worth it?  Evaluate the evening…we all know, some nights are worth the extra drink and some are not.
  • Spread out your “cheats”. Do you want to have 3 drinks, or dessert? Pick one, not both! (you probably don’t need the bread at the table if you pick one of those either:)
  • Re-create your favorite meals from restaurants at home on the weekends- saves money and calories!
  • Get excited about your extra time you have to devote to being healthy- plan ahead!
  • Try not to eat out more than 1x per weekend day.  They say a meal out contains an extra 250+ calories no matter what you order!
  • Practice the same clean eating habits on the weekend- try getting 75% of it right and give yourself a break on the other 25% of your day!
  • Flush out extra sodium and sugar with WATER!
  • Remember, you deserve a cheat now and again…just don’t do it all in one day!
  • Don’t overdo it on Monday to make up for a bad weekend….instead, plan ahead and don’t let the bad weekend happen!

Let me know if you have any questions, and always count on great websites (,, for advice, recipes- and staying healthy!


No Equipment!

Posted: January 28, 2011 in No Equipment Needed

Thought we needed one of these- its been a while!

Warm up:

  • 3x
  • 1 min plank on elbows
  • 20/20 hip dips- side plank on elbow

Main:  (*new exercise explained below)


  • caterpillar w/push up
  • lunge jump switch (2=1)
  • mountain climbers (2=1)
  • squat jump
  • skiers w/squat thrust (double feet jump to side, do thrust, repeat 1=1)
  • full sit up


**Caterpillar: (do this as you read and you will have it- also under Lingo for later use)

legs straight put hands on ground. walk hands out to plank without bending knees- or try not to bend knees.  once in plank do push up, walk hands back to feet- legs still straight, stand up. Repeat!


I know…2 in one day! I got excited!
This is a pretty tough one, especially if you pick your true “goal” pace for these distances.  I included a pace calculator for the treadmill below, starting with a 10 min mile, but please feel free to pick different paces than what I provided.  Treadmill will tell you  pace– I listed for those of you who may want to pre-plan when you print this out!

If you want a shorter run, shorten the warm up and take out the 3rd set.

1 mile easy warm up

2x through (1st set 0 incline, 2nd set 1 incline)
.75 @ 10K pace
.25 easy

2x through (same as above w/inclines)
.50 @ 5K pace
.25 easy

2x through (same as above w/inclines)
.25 all out sprint
.25 easy

WALK, =5.5 miles

6.0=10 min mile
6.5=9:15 min mile

A group of us did this workout yesterday…phew!  Good one any day but felt particularly brutal on a Sunday :)

1.5 mile jog warm up


  • 4 min tabata (20 sec on, 10 sec jump off) Speed 8, Incline 8  (modify with lower incline and speed- but challenge yourself!)
  • 10 pull ups (assisted or perfect push up option)
  • 10 knees to elbows (hanging from pull up bar draw knees to elbows- double leg pike is modification)
  • 10 deep squat w/heavy wt
  • 10 deep squat to upright row w/heavy wt or KB
  • 10 KB swing (do not have to use KB)
  • 10 burpees (squat thrust or push up modification if needed)
  • 10/10 standing side bend ab w/heavy wt


Congrats to Shelley B from Charlotte NC- she won the drawing for the $25 spa finder gift card :)  Thanks for your feed back and congrats! It will be sent to your email shortly.

STRENGTH TRAIN (A new way to strength train!)

One song per muscle group.  Choose your favorite and work that muscle group to fatigue until the song is over!

Here is the order of muscle groups that makes most sense (opposing muscles, making sure you are warmed up etc) and some ideas for music.

You can go different speeds within the song, do different variations of the exercise listed, some ideas below.  Let me know what you think!!

  • 1. “Stereo Love”- Squats with bar on back, 1 foot on bench/bosu etc
  • 2. “Tonight I’m Loving You”-Enrique- Squat jumps and tap ups on bench/bosu
  • 3. “Yeah 3x”-Usher- Chest press or fly, use bar or free weights
  • 4. “Forget You”- Cee Lo- Back rows, flies using bar or free weights
  • 5. “What’s My Name”- Rihanna- Push ups– decline, incline, w/bosu, knees up
  • 6. “Jack and Diane” John Mellencamp- Triceps, dips on bench, skull crusher, 1-arm heavy overhead extension
  • 7. “More” Usher- Biceps, curls w/bar alternate grip- outer, inner and middle
  • 8.”Sweet Child O Mine”- Guns and Roses- Lunges– one foot on top one on floor, bottom half lunges (only come halfway up) hold weights or bar on back
  • 9. “Higher” Taio Cruz- Shoulders , upright rows, overhead press, clean and press
  • 10. “Love Stoned”- Justin Timberlake, slow abs– plank variations, hip dips


TREADMILL WORKOUT (w/example speeds)

1.0 mile warm up at 6.5

2x (30 seconds between, start comfortable and increase by .4 each time. jump off for rest.)

  • .50 6.8
  • .40 7.2
  • .30 7.6
  • .20 8.0
  • .10 8.4

after 2x, .50 easy!  4.5 miles total!

THANK YOU to the 12 of you who gave amazing feed back about the site.  We did not reach the goal of 50 comments- don’t be scared to speak up next time- I can only get better if you tell me what you think :)

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Saturday Work Out! Bench, Med Ball, Heavy Wts

1 mile run, for time

  • 20-15-10-5: box jump holding med ball (30 sec rest between)
  • 15 overhead press
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 15 tricep dips (ball in lap)
  • 20-15-10-5: box jump holding med ball, squat thrust on floor when you land- hands on MB (30 sec rest)
  • 15 overhead press
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 15 tricep dips (ball in lap)
  • 20-15-10-5: Med ball pike and full sit up (alternate)
  • 15 overhead press
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 15 tricep dips (ball in lap)

1 mile run,  for time


Check out Iron Mama, Dee Dee’s son- who said the paper plate gliders weren’t for kids too?!  Very nice pike!

If you have pictures always share:)

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