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Posted: December 31, 2010 in Announcement, No Equipment Needed, Treadmill/Running

Almost did a little dance when I saw the 100th subscriber come through yesterday.  And that does not count many of the readers who don’t subscribe but visit often!

Big thanks to ALL of you- and Happy New Year!

A little themed workout to go along with 100….

  • 1 mile run- fast
  • 100 push ups
  • 200 squats to 90 degrees
  • 100 jump pull ups (squat thrusts if you do not have pull up bar)
  • 1 mile run- fast

(You can break up the sets as long as you do all of the reps- I just won’t give away the best way to do it that is for you to figure out!)

This is a quickie but a good one.  Have fun!


**Questions about your New Years goals?  Email me any time,  I am happy to help!


Easy Treadmill Workout

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Announcement

I was recently hired as the Running Coordinator at Aaron and I’s new gym.  I cannot tell you how many times people tell me how much they hate the treadmill.. but unfortunately with snow/ice/cold you may see it more than you like this winter!

This is an easy workout to do especially if you bore on the treadmill.  You can look forward to the “slow jog” or “walk” option!

Depending on how many miles you want to do, start with that many minutes of an easy jog or walk.  I will use 5 miles as an example. So, walk or easy jog for 5 min, then sprint to a mile.

If you choose walk, walk at 4.0 or higher.  When you sprint to the next mile, you can stay the same speed the entire time, or each time you hit a new quarter-mile (.25, .5, .75) up your speed.  You are never running a full mile at a time fast- since the first part of the mile is a walk or jog.

Here is how it should look:

  • 5 min walk/jog, sprint to mile 1
  • 4 min walk/jog, sprint to mile 2
  • 3 min walk/jog, sprint to mile 3
  • 2 min walk/jog, sprint to mile 4
  • 1 min walk/jog, sprint to mile 5

So if you wanted to do 3 miles, you would start with the 3 min walk and go down to 1.

Let me know what you think!  My running group did this on Monday morning and it flew by!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week/weekend with family and friends. Thank you for choosing to follow this blog- I am thankful for all of you!  (up to 98 subscribers, by the way…I will take it! Just 2 from my Christmas goal:)

Let’s talk about the holidays…RESOLUTIONS AND GOALS for 2011!

Most likely you have over indulged in something- whether it be sugar, alcohol, snacks, etc.  And most likely you have had a couple of days of rest from exercise.  And guess what? ITS OKAY!  We have to go through ups and downs with exercise and food to keep our body guessing/changing, to recover, and to stay motivated.

I have always thought the holidays are so perfect for picking resolutions or goals for the following year.  What other time of the year are your weaknesses front and center?  For example, my weakness is sugar.  It always has been- and probably always will be.  But I realize every year that if I have sugar available in my house- I will eat it.  Otherwise, I don’t care for it!  So each year I am reminded NOT to keep sugar in the house once the holidays are over.

Go ahead and begin making mental notes of your “less healthy” tendencies so you can start this week (why wait until Jan 1) on the right foot.

Rather than making resolutions like:

“I am going to eat healthier” or “I want to lose 10 lbs”…

Make resolutions that will help you reach those specific goals.

For example, instead of saying you are going to eat healthier, begin planning out your weekly meals, grocery lists- and researching recipes and ideas to keep you on track.  Find a good website to track your daily intake so you can see which areas of nutrition you are lacking or over indulging in.  (Use The Daily Plate for tracking daily food–use The Whole Tulip and Clean Eating for recipe and meal ideas!)

Rather than saying “I want to lose 10 lbs”, set goals that will help you lose extra weight.  Sign up for a more challenging event, step up to a tougher class at your gym, and get on track with eating clean (see above).  If you have done a 10K….sign up for a half marathon!

By setting tangible goals rather than making blanket statements, you set yourself up for success.


I ate too much…I drank too much…I did not exercise at all….what to do?!

Rule #1: Don’t overdo.

There is no need to exercise 2-3 hours per day to make up for lost time or extra calories.  Guess what? You will end up injured and sick!  Your body does better with exercise in moderation, and plenty of recovery time- not slamming yourself into a wall repeatedly throughout the week.  So, an hour 5-6 times per week with 1-2 non-consecutive days off will do the trick.  If you really feel like you want to amp it up for a week or two- pick 1-2 days a week to add a little extra cardio (30 min) on the opposite end of the day from your big workout.  If you do an hour-long sculpt class in the morning, you could add this at night.  It may give you a little metabolism boost you are looking for.

Rule #2: Water

Drink plenty of water.  What is better to clear your body of toxins and build up??  Clear liquid! (and no, that does not include vodka:)

Rule #3: Breakfast

Plan a healthy day of food beginning with a breakfast that gets you off to a good start.  You all know breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day- and for good reasons.  Research shows that those who eat a well-balanced, healthy breakfast, make better decisions throughout the day and eat fewer calories at each meal.

Rule #4: Just relax.

A couple of “not so good” weeks are not going to ruin you.  Don’t feel guilty and hang in there.  You will be back to feeling great in no time!!

Enjoy your week and let me know if you have ANY questions about jumping back on the healthy bandwagon!


Strength: Back and Chest

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Announcement

As promised, another strength workout- this time back and chest are the upper body focus and as always I  put a little legs in there!  **Remember to view this on a computer rather than mobile device/email so you can see the sets correctly.

Hope everyone has a great holiday– don’t forget to exercise and make the best choices possible with food:)  (if you accidentally slip up and say, have a giant cupcake one night…no big deal…)

Warm up: 1.5-2 mile JOG

  • 20-15-10-5 bench tap ups- high bench- w/two dumbells at shoulders
  • Two cables, set up at chest level, face away from the machine and CHEST FLY hands together 12-10-8 increasing wt. each set
  • 1×10 perfect push ups (chin up, chest leading, hips up–no rush here!)
  • 1 single KB or weight, heavy back row 3×10 ea side
  • 1×8 perfect push ups
  • 3×10 chest press w/barbell (large bar=45lb)
  • 1×6 perfect push ups
  • Lat pull down machine (sit facing machine, pull bar in front of face) 12-10-8 increase weight each set
  • 1×4 perfect push ups
  • 3×6 assisted pull ups, 1st set full range, 2nd set top half, 3rd set bottom half
  • 1×2 perfect push ups
  • 20-15-10-5 bench tap ups- high bench- w/two dumbells at shoulders

As always, enjoy!!

Bench and Weights!

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Announcement

That’s all you need!  A bench (recommend 4 risers ea side) a set of light weights, and a set of heavy.

Thought you might enjoy a little pre-holiday circuit training.  Speaking of the holidays…I will be in Charlotte this week :)  Excited to see many of you and hope if you are in town you can make it to class.

Teaching my old Harris schedule starting Saturday, 9am Sat, 9:45am T/Th, 5:45pm Wed.  Thursday morning will be a fun outdoor class- so dress warm! (and yes I know its cold. I live in Northern VA now so I am fully aware. If you dress correctly its fun…AND, did you know you burn more calories working out in the cold? Your body has to work to get warm! SOLD! See you there!)

All sets are 1-10, so 1 of each exercise, 2, up to 10.  I did a similar version tonight and it surprisingly went by pretty quick!

Warm up 10 min cardio choice

Set #1

  • around the world (light wt) (start palms forward in front of hips, with straight arms bring weights above head and back down)
  • box jump

Set #2

  • push ups
  • donkey kicks

Set #3

  • bicep curls (heavy wt)
  • squat thrust

Set #4

  • tricep dips
  • straddle box jump (one foot on each side jump both feet up and touch bench)

Set #5

  • back row
  • squat to 4 risers

Set #6

  • full sit up
  • russian twist (both heavy wts)

Warm down 10 min cardio choice


ALL Strength!

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Strength Training

Did you know that as  early as your mid twenties you can begin to lose 1-2% of your muscle mass per year?  Only if you stop weight training- or don’t start!

Increased muscle mass means decreased body fat, stronger leaner muscles (you will not bulk up with the right balance of strength, cardio and cross training), and higher daily calorie burn per day by doing nothing.  Research shows that for each pound of muscle, you can burn an additional 40-50 calories per day.  Per pound of muscle! By doing nothing!

The balance of strength and cardio is different for everyone.  It’s up to you to try different routines to find out what your body responds best to.  But, I can promise that having a day of just strength from time to time will do wonders for your body!

**For endurance athletes, i.e. runners, swimmers, cyclists, etc- increased muscle mass will reduce injury and make athletic movements easier…and who doesn’t want that 6 mile run to be easier!!


* choose weight that is a little heavy to start and see how you do.  You should finish a weight training session a little shaky!

**Dont let the workout intimidate you, just take it one step at a time- strength training is not a rushed work out!

10 min easy cardio choice (row, stairs, run, walk on incline, elliptical)

  • 4×15 deep squat no weight- to 4 risers or lower
  • 1 arm bicep curl on cable machine
  • 12-10-8 increase weight each set (alternate arms)
  • free weight bicep curls
  • 3×10
  • 1 arm tricep extension on cable machine
  • 12-10-8 increase weight ea set (alt arms)
  • double arm tricep ext. w rope
  • 3×10 all same weight
  • high knee up holding weight plate (10lb+) at chest level (onto weight bench or bench with 6+ risers)
  • 3×10 ea side
  • bar bent leg dead lift (bar should be 45lb +)
  • 3×10
  • assisted pull up machine
  • 4×5 underhanded pull ups, inner grip–biceps!
  • 4×5 assisted tricep dips- only assisted if needed!
  • 4×15 deep squats no weight


  • hanging knee lift from pull up bar 3×10 (want it harder? hold MB between knees when you lift!)
  • 25lb+ double leg pikes on bench 3×10
  • 25 full sit ups with weight plate
  • standing side bends w/25lb wt– ea side 3×10


ENJOY! And let me know if you have any questions.  Chest and Back will be the next strength post!

Aren’t you excited “Chocolate” is the title of a workout blog post??

Guest blogger Dr. Jeff Constantine sent this interesting tidbit to me and I had to share!

From Jeff:

Just wanted to pass along a happy nugget from the world of medical research…

“Women who ate chocolate frequently were less likely to be hospitalized for or to die from atherosclerotic vascular disease”

An article published in The Archives of Internal Medicine found that eating a small amount of chocolate nearly every day lowered the risk of heart disease, heart failure and cholesterol plaque in the carotid artery. Previous studies have shown that a small amount of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure.

So, in addition to working out regularly, working to achieve an ideal weight and eating a clean healthy diet, consider indulging in just a little chocolate on a regular basis. Happy holidays!!

Thanks Jeff! (SWEET!)

Now that you’ve eaten chocolate…here is a workout:)

Circuit Training

5 min cardio warm up (row, stairs, run)- get as much distance as possible in 5 min

5 stations, 1 minute each-45 sec each-30 sec each

  • box jumps (high box)
  • squat thrusts
  • squat to MB throw
  • full sit ups
  • manmakers

5 min cardio- beat your last distance

2nd set 5 stations

  • run tires on box
  • lunge jump switch
  • perfect push ups (knees are fine!)
  • bicycle crunches
  • clean and press

5 min cardio- beat your last distance!