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As many of you know I am tying the knot this Saturday!  After the day I had today, I realized I better post some workouts before I go totally nuts and forget for 2 weeks :)

SO, here are three to get you through until mid-October when I get back from the honeymoon.  You can always repeat old ones as well :)

PS- I have 74 subscribers…1 away from the Oct 2 goal….!!

#1 No Equipment

1 mile warm up

  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 90 bicycle crunches
  • 80 knees up (40/40) on raised surface!
  • 70 tricep dips
  • 60 squats
  • .50 half mile run
  • 40 full sit ups
  • 30 lunge jump switch
  • 20 perfect push ups
  • 10 burpees

2nd set, half the numbers, 3rd set…half them again!

#2 Weights only

Warm up 3x

50 crunches to center, 25 to each side, 1 min jumping jacks


  • 20 squat thrusters (squat to shoulder press)
  • 20 double knees to elbows (from plank position both knees jump in to elbows and back out)
  • 20 bicep curls


  • 20 upright row
  • 20 squat thrust (burpee no push up)
  • 20 overhead tricep extension)


  • .25 SPRINT for time
  • 20 full sit ups
  • 1 min break

#3 Treadmill Workout (can also be done outside!)

  • .50 warm up, easy pace
  • at .5, increase speed each quarter mile (.25) for a mile
  • at 1.5, decrease speed and jog easy for .5
  • Now, jump off and turn up the treadmill speed so everyone thinks you are nuts!
  • Jump on, .15 fast, jump off 15 squats: 5x
  • Warm down easy .25

**if done outside, do .25 between the squats if you do not have a watch that measures or a measured out space.

Have a great couple of weeks, I will post pics when all is said and done :)


“Aaron” Workout

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Kettlebell, Treadmill/Running

Most of you know my fiance, Aaron stays in great shape for his job.  Since he moved up to DC he has been calling for new workouts several times a week- this is one in particular I am dying to try- he loved it. (Well, “love” is a relative term when it comes to working out…)

**Kettlebell exercises can be done with a single weight.  Challenge weight- 50 lb for guys, 25 lb for gals


  • 5/5 single arm clean and press
  • 5/5 single arm swing (squat to swing)
  • 5 burpees
  • 5 russian twist (touching the ground ea side, 2=1)
  • .25 Sprint

(then do 6 of each, 7, 8, 9, 10.)

You might ask, why start with 5 and go to 10….not start to 10 and go to 5? This is not just a physical challenge, but mental as well- to get through it and know you have to increase each set!

Good luck, would love to know if you complete!

37 minutes

Posted: September 21, 2010 in No Equipment Needed, Treadmill/Running

Here is a quick one if you are pressed for time.  Want a full hour? Add a run after! :)

TABATA= 4 min, 8 rounds of: 20 sec ON, 10 sec OFF (on=go, off=rest)

Warm up: 5 min jog

  • Run  (if on treadmill 5 incline- sprint pace, if outside, sprint for 20 sec- dead stop for 10 sec rest no walking!)
  • Bicycle crunches  (keep one leg straight one leg bent at all times- straight leg near parallel, elbows back!)
  • Squats  (to 4 bench risers- or below 90 degrees)
  • Push ups (rest in downward facing dog)
  • Elbow plank
  • Squat thrust (burpee without push-up)
  • Lunge jump switch (lunge with pulse then as you jump up switch front leg)
  • Run

Total workout time= 37 minutes

**total workout time includes 5 min warm up.  4 minutes should be completed and move directly into next exercise. Try to move entire 20 seconds each round for 8 and only rest during the 10 sec break!

I promised my power hour class this morning I would share the  amazing slideshow video Brooke Brown made- what a gift when I  am moving away from people I love!

Here is the link: Power Hour Video

You can access Thursday morning and Saturday videos from this link!

Workout: (we did part of this in power hour this morning! it was great!)

Warm up: 1.5 jog

  • 3x
  • 30 donkey kicks (hands on bench- jump feet over and back 1=1)
  • 30 chest fly
  • run .25 after 3 sets
  • 3x
  • 20 box jumps
  • 5 man-makers (put weights down, jump feet back, rt arm back row in plank, push up, left arm back row, push up, jump feet in stand up with weights and jump up with shoulder press!) THAT IS ONE!
  • .25 run after 3 sets
  • 3x
  • 15 squat to bicep curl
  • 15 tricep dip
  • .25 run at end of 3 sets

Finish with 3x 30 sec side plank on each side, Stretch!

Thank you!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Kettlebell, Treadmill/Running, Weights

THANK YOU to all of my current subscribers!

My new goal? 75 subscribers by the wedding (Oct 2).  See a workout you like? Share it!

Warm up: 1 mile choice (run, elliptical, bike, stairs, row-1600M)

Main Set 4x

  • 25 russian twist (2=1, w/wt)
  • 25 squat to upright row (use KB or single wt)
  • 20 fwd walking lunges
  • 20 backward walking lunges
  • 15 tricep dips, weight in lap
  • 15/15 one arm swing (use KB or single weight)
  • 10 perfect push ups
  • 10 heavy pike (20lb+)
  • Between each set, 4 minute tabata on treadmill- 20 sec on FAST, 10 sec jump off REST. 5-8 incline.
  • If outdoors go 8 short sprints (approx 20 sec worth :) between cones w/10 sec rest between OR use a small hill to run 8 repeats.  See the beautiful Y ladies doing just so below! (some may argue Rosemary is NOT a small hill :)

Notes: If in a gym- “walking lunges” can become stationary alternating lunges. Form on swings- squat with weight low, then as you rise from your squat the momentum should “swing” the weight.  If you feel this in your low back, check form!


Posted: September 10, 2010 in Box/Bench (Raised Surface), Medicine Ball, Weights

Warm up:  3x, 1 min elbow plank, 50 bicycle crunches, 50 scissor kicks (bicycles w/straight legs)

Main Set:

  • #1: 5-10 (5 of each, 6 of each, etc up to 10)
  • squats
  • perfect push ups
  • jump over 4 risers (or bosu, small step)- see picture below!
  • .25 Sprint (Run only 1x @ end of set!)
  • #2: 5-10
  • MB burpee/squat thrust
  • box jump
  • overhead press
  • .25 Sprint
  • #3: 5-10
  • double leg pike
  • suitcase crunch
  • hip dips ea side (elbow)
  • .25 Sprint


I wanted to share some great websites!  Both are nutrition sources that follow “clean eating” principles. I.e. consuming foods as close as possible to their natural state.

  • The first, The Whole Tulip, was started by a great friend and client of mine, Adri Warrick.  Adri and her sister post awesome recipes that are easy and include a variety of ingredients!
  • Adri does not know this, but she is my first highlighted “Iron Mama”! An Iron Mama (Or Iron Man!) is someone who tried their best to have super healthy habits and continues to educate themselves to stay healthy!  Adri recently began studying to become a health counselor and is launching her own “super food” Popsicle business!  She is doing all of this while raising two children and training for a half marathon :)  See blog below picture of Adri and family with the pops :)

The Whole Tulip

  • Second, the developer of the idea “Clean Eating” has started a magazine, and they also have a site with recipes and information.  The magazine is a great one to subscribe to!

Clean Eating Magazine

**Both of these sites are always under the “Nutrition” section of the Iron-Mama’s site!

I will be highlighting an “Iron Man” next….any nominations?!  Whether you are an Iron Mama or Iron Man…I want to know what you are up to.  Send me an email, message, etc and toot your own horn! What are you doing to be the healthiest you can be?

Up to 47 subscribers…keep passing it on :)